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"AVANTGARDE - tendencies and trends in the Art of the 20th century.
Searching for original art-ideological solutions and for an individual way in creation."

The Future in Fashion Foundation together with the Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz are organizing the 1st INTERNATIONAL FASHION WORKSHOP IN LODZ.

Each year other partner countries and other lecturers, fashion specialists and authorities, shall be invited to participate in the Workshops. The innovative character of the project consists in the combination of workshops (first ones in Poland) addressed to students of European schools of fine arts educating fashion designers with the series of open lectures in fashion and the International Conference, in which outstanding domestic and foreign fashion experts shall participate. The result is an integration of both creative and educational process. The International Fashion Workshops also aim at the creation and maintenance of relations with most important fashion centers and institutions around the world and the integration of artistic, academic, commercial, media and other circles interested in fashion and the role of fashion in the creation of modern culture in one place for a couple of days.

Another objective of the International Fashion Workshops is to establish a platform for dialogue between fashion and other branches of art in multicultural context, as well as to promote and present modern design art based on cultural heritage of the unique collection of 20th century avant-garde art in the possession of the Museum of Art in Lodz.

The participation of prestigious academies of fine arts and outstanding specialists in the project shall contribute to the attractiveness of the event and encourage fashion practitioners (designers, journalists, stylists, theoreticians, business people) to actively participate in the discussion.

The international character of the event shall contribute to the strengthening of the participation of Lodz in the international circulation of Polish design vision.

As a branch of modern art, fashion appears as a communication existing between the creator and the audience. It is also a dialogue with the art, based on the art or referring to it.

Students from three European schools (including Poland, Italy and Austria) have been invited to participate in the workshop - they will work in international groups on a common project.

The subject of the Workshops is:

"AVANTGARDE - tendencies and trends in the Art of the 20th century.
Searching for original art-ideological solutions and for an individual way in creation."

The Workshops shall start with each academy's presentation of avant-garde art of their own country. It is going to be a kind of confrontation between tradition and modernity in accordance with the philosophy of utility art of the great artist Władysław Strzemiński.

The Workshops are planned as a platform of communication, outside any cultural or environmental divisions. They are to familiarize foreign guests with Polish modern art, which has played and is still playing a significant role in the world.

The international character of the Workshops shall contribute to the overcoming of language and cultural barriers and allow to develop work system in the international group, based on mutual respect and tolerance.

The Workshops shall be accompanied with a catalogue and a film documenting all stages of students' work and the realization of the project. The film and photos shall be shot by students of the Film School in Lodz. The achievements of young artists shall be presented at a post-workshop exhibition.

Project Leaders:
dr hab. Sylwia Romecka (Future in Fashion Foundation)

dr hab. Małgorzata Czudak (The Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź - ASP Lodz)

Guardians of students:
Adrianna Grudzińska (Future in Fashion Foundation)

Minh Duc Pham (Future in Fashion Foundation)

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