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11 - 13.04.2011

Guests of honour:

Prof. Liuba Popova
Nuova Accademi adi Belle Arti NABA, Milan

Costume & theatre designer, fashion journalist and teacher of History of Fashion. Graduated at the Moscow University of Technology and Design (Bachelor in Textile Technology and Design) and at the Accademia di Belle Arti Brera in Milan (Bachelor in Theatre Design), she took a Master Course in Scenography and Costume Design at the Centro di Formazione per Giovani Scenografi of the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan and studied under Prof. Tito Varisco.

Costume designer at Costume Dept. of Teatro Alla Scala in Milan in 1976-78, costume designer and scenographer at RAI - Italian National Broadcasting Corporation - in Milan from 1978 till 1987.
From 1980 till now: Teacher of History of Fashion and Theatrical Costume at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milan.

Head of NABA School of Fashion and Textiles from 1993 till 2002. From 2000 till 2007: correspondent from Italy of "M-Collection" International Fashion Magazine in Russian and German Editions.

Collaboration with various fashion magazines, such as "Fashion Theory" (Moscow), "Risk Arte Oggi" (Milan), "Arpel" (Milan), "Around the World" (Moscow). Author and co-ordinator of various international projects, such as "Narcissism in Oscar Wilde and in Present-day Fashion", with the support of the British Council and the European Commission in 1996.

Member of the Board of ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) in Amsterdam from 1998 till 2002. Author of various conferences on "Sociological and Economical Aspects of the Italian Fashion System" at St. Petersburg International Fashion Industry Fair from 2004 till now.

Prof. Elke Gaugele
Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna

Elke Gaugele is a cultural anthropologist and professor for Fashions&Styles at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She is head of an innovative study programme based on art and conceptual design practises as well as on critical theory on 'fashion and styles' (Magister-level and PdD level). She had also worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Cologne (1996-2006) and as a Research Fellow at Goldsmiths College/Department for Visual Arts in London (2003-04).

Her recent work as international researcher and author focuses on Critical Studies in new technologies, materialities and biopolitics of fashions&styles; other current publications bring together Fashion and Design Theory; Dress, Body and Gender and are engaged in Activist movements in Textile Art&Craft.


Elke Gaugele, Sonja Eismann et al. (ed.): Crafitsta! DIY activism, feminism, and new domesticity. Mainz: Ventil Verlag 2010 [german: Craftista! = DIY Aktivismus, Feminismus, Handarbeit und Neue Häuslichkeit]

Elke Gaugele, Petra Eisele (ed.): TechnoNaturen. Design&Styles. Vienna: Schleebrügge Editor 2008

Elke Gaugele, Kristina Reiss (ed.): Youth, Fashion and Gender. Staging the Body in a Culture of Consumption. Frankfurt am Main/New York: Campus 2003 [german=Jugend, Mode und Geschlecht. Die Inszenierung des Körpers in der Konsumkultur]

Elke Gaugele: Apron and Loincloth. Clothing as a Medium for Gender Construction, Köln, Wien, Weimar: Böhlau 2002 [german= Schurz und Schürze. Kleidung als Medium der Geschlechterkonstruktion]

Selected Articels (in English)

Elke Gaugele. Youth Culture, in: In: Elisabeth Azoulay et al (Hg.): 100.000 Years of Beauty- Vol. 4: Modernity/Globalisations. Paris: Editions Babylone 2010 S. 118-121.

Elke Gaugele, Fashioning Life. In: Gerda Buxbaum (Hg.): Fashion in Context. Wien, New York: Springer 2009

Elke Gaugele, Fashion Design. In: Michael Erlhoff, Tim Marshall (Ed.): Design Dictionary (Board of International Research in Design) Cambridge Massachusetts 2008

Elke Gaugele, Point Clouds in Scanner Look: Body Formats of Avatarisation. In: Elke Bippus, Dorothea Mink: Fashion Body Cult, Schriftenreihe der Hochschule für Künste 03, Bremen: Stuttgart: Arnolsche Publishers, pp. 30-45.

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